Don't Hire...

Don't fire...

Double your workforce...

Without a single New-hire.

The statistics found in hundreds of current "Verified AI Business Studies" are simply wrong...they certainly did not include our clients.

Most current statistics for productivity, revenue & net profit gains range from 30% -50%-70% even 100%.

FORGET THE STUDIES! our clients are routinely DOCUMENTING 100X++

(That's not a typo 100X gains, not 100%) PRODUCTIVITY GAINS!

Are you still resisting the "AI Enablement" imperative?

Realized you should train your employees to use AI in their roles...

BUT! still haven't seen a way to measure the ROI? the metrics?

Haven't found a reliable employee implementation plan?

Still Wondering how AI is really going to impact your bottom line?

The Big AI Misconception

Business leaders around the world are making critical mistakes stemming from not understanding how AI can transform daily operations across all job descriptions in their company.

The fact is, an alarming percentage of executives simply don't know what is possible with AI. After interacting with thousands of executives, we find AI being underutilized and misunderstood.

The problem is: business leaders view AI as a technological tool rather than the key to unlocking hidden & astonishing capabilities and productivity within their workforce.

We get it, "Doubling Your Workforce Without Hiring Another Employee" sounds like ridiculous hyperbole...

With hundreds of documented case studies, we are seeing it happen in practically every company that embraces our

"AI For Work Program".

In as little as a single quarter, from the receptionist to the CEO, leaders implementing our "Role Specific" AI training and AI tools, radically increase practically every performance metric and revenue/earnings projection on their P&L...

Enough talk…See for yourself.

Click any button on this page to get your "AI Profit Acceleration Assessment." A mathematically irrefutable analysis & playbook with a detailed breakdown of the immediate gains that you can achieve in your company when you have an

"AI Enabled Workforce"

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How We Do It


"AI For Work" Training

You really have to see it to believe it. Employees you never dreamed could create AI tools for their producing quantitative gains you would not think possible unless you saw yourself. With hundreds of case studies to date, growing every week we train we are seeing the greatest transformation of productivity in the workplace in human history.


"AI For Work" AI RoleTools

Give your employees "Role Specific" AI tools to use the first day they start and watch them generate measurable productivity gains for practically every assignment in their job description.


AI Competency Certification

Employees learn by doing. Skill-by-skill competency gains are achieved through weekly homework assignments that certify your employees AI competency by completing actual "Role Specific" work assignments. We evaluate and certify each level of skill achieved. Elevate the performance of your entire team... No employee left behind.


We make it easy for you to predictably grow your business

Let's hop on a call! We will help give you a working playbook with accurate productivity, revenue and net profit gain projections for your entire staff.

This is a 100% No-cost, no-pressure session with a senior "AI For Work" strategist! We will provide you with a company wide playbook, whether you choose to work with us or not.


Streamline Sales

Generate More Leads

Build Your Brand

Impress Existing Customers

AutomButtonate Tasks


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